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A very simple path to successful online calls

1. Generate link

Generate link to your virtual conference room. Set PIN if required.

2. Send invitation

Send an invitation to participants of your choice, to hold limitless Swiss Conferencing meetings. Participants do not need to have a Swiss Conferencing account.

3. Attend

Take part in the call using your personal link or the dial-in number.

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Thomas Hediger - Swiss expert for data security Swiss Conferencing
Thomas Hediger,
Swiss expert for data security (CEO SWISS CONFERENCING, CISO)

Security is important to us

« It is important to me to offer our customers a communication platform that meets their compliance requirements. Swiss Conferencing provides the best service for confidential discussions, employing the highest quality and security standards. Above all, we are proud that Swiss Conferencing is a service produced in Switzerland that is available at a really attractive price! Furthermore, Swiss Conferencing is and will remain completely free from advertising. »

  • Swiss made: service produced in Switzerland
  • Data sovereignty (Swiss hosting): data stored in Swiss high-security data centres
  • Confidentiality guaranteed: browser-to-browser encryption (web browser-based) with WebRTC

Functions for your teleconference


Call recording: all relevant information for later

You can record your conference calls very easily, play them online at any time or save them locally for later use. The recordings of your calls are stored in Swiss data centres under the highest security and stability standards.

Bildschirm übertragen

Mirror screen: all important information at a glance

During conferences, you can mirror your screen for all participants. You decide whether your entire screen or individual applications are displayed. Mirroring is encrypted.

Organise teleconferences: everything easily under control

In the conference portal you can find an overview of your conferences at any time, with all details, recordings and bills. You can also change your settings here without any problems. You can manage your current teleconference directly from the browser: for example, you can mute participants, remove participants from the conference, add new participants or start a recording.

Your personal conference room –
ready for you and your team at any time.

Available flexibly for you

Your personal conference room is permanently open for you. You can organise teleconferences at any time and invite participants to interactive online meetings without long lead times or reservations.

Fair billing

Choose your preferred payment method. All conferences are paid for by you as the host; your participants only pay for local dial-in There are no contractual ties; you pay by the minute.

Secure on any device

Stay optimally connected with your teams, customers and business partners – irrespective of location and device. Swiss Conferencing teleconferences are as secure via iOS and Android devices as they are via desktops.

Participate internationally

Participation in teleconferences is possible from a multitude of countries – at the cheapest local rate for your participants.

Large-scale events possible

Even in the event of meetings with more than 1,000 active participants, you can always be sure that all participants can attend your conference. Planning something even bigger? Talk to us and we will make it possible. In complete security without overbooking mechanisms.

Participation via web browser

It is possible to participate in the Swiss Conferencing teleconferences via web browser without a telephone. Our WebRTC technology guarantees browser-to-browser encryption.

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From 0.05 CHF per participant per minute

  • No subscription guaranteed
  • Transparent billing
  • Highest data protection
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